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Sabien Technology is the manufacturer and supplier of the patented M2G boiler load optimisation control. M2G typically reduces energy costs and carbon emissions of between 10 and 25%. Payback is typically under 2 years.

Improving the energy efficiency of your boilers

M2G improves energy efficiency by preventing the wasteful consumption of fuel caused by boiler dry cycling, which occurs in the majority of commercial and industrial boilers of any age and size. It is designed to work with existing controls, (e.g. BMS, weather compensation, boiler sequencing) without altering set points or delaying firing.

Sabien’s M2G has been evaluated and deployed by a number of organisations, including Lincolnshire County Council, BT, MoD, BNP Paribas Real Estate, Defra, the University of Derby, Serco, Nottingham City Council and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

With over 8,500 M2Gs installed to date, Sabien has unparalleled experience of delivering end to end nationwide single and multi-site installation programmes.