FREE M2G and EndoTherm combined Pilot Programme

Why should I pilot M2G and EndoTherm together?

M2G and EndoTherm

What are M2G and EndoTherm?

M2G and EndoTherm address two unique and separate problems within commercial heating systems. 


M2G is a retrofit boiler load optimisation control that prevents boiler dry cycling and inherent and well-known problem with commercial and industrial boilers, regardless of their age and size


EndoTherm is a commercial heating system additive that improves the rate of heat transfer of the water by increasing the contact area surface on the "wet" side of boiler plant and system heat emitters.

What is the Pilot Programme offer?

We install M2G and EndoTherm in 3 of your commercial buildings and provide measurement and verification in line with IPMVP over a 90 day period, FREE of charge.

What can you expect from the programme?

Sabien will demonstrate to you the reduction in gas consumption and CO2 savings for the three sites under pilot.  We will provide you with a detailed report in line with the industry standard IPMVP highlighting the energy and CO2 reduction benefits for the three pilot sites.

There is no commitment from you to enter into a commercial agreement with Sabien post pilot.

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