About Sabien

Sabien is a leading provider of energy reduction technologies to the UK commercial heating sector. Organisations using gas, oil and LPG to heat space and water can significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions by fitting our patented M2G Boiler Load Optimisation control and M1G Direct Fired Hot Water control for gas fired commercial boilers and hot water generators.

Sabien is the UK’s exclusive distributor for EndoTherm a CIBSE award winning heating additive. EndoTherm improves the rate of heat transfer by increasing the contact area on the wet-side of boiler plant and system pipework. It is compatible with leading industry inhibitors, non corrosive and is 100% organic.

Sabien is passionate about delivering a world class client experience and has a proven track record in the Private and Public sectors for managing nationwide multi-site installation projects. 

Sabien Technology is a UK-based company, founded in 2004 and floated on the AIM Market, London Stock Exchange in 2006.

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