Customer Endorsements

NHS Ayrshire & Arran: Delivers 12% energy savings with a payback of just 6 months for Phase 1

We have since completed the Phase 2 installations delivering 14% saving following post validation analysis.

“We are committed to improving our energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. To that end we continually look and evaluate technology for saving energy, specifically those which will deliver best value. Since the initial M&V project we have continued to analyse the performance and the cost savings have increased to 12%. This is because dry cycling would have increased during the milder periods of the heating season, which M2G is now preventing. The project paid back in just 6 months. Furthermore, the delivery of the project has been seamless with minimal impact on our resources.”

Alastair Kay, Energy Manager for NHS Ayrshire & Arran


NHS Lanarkshire: Delivering savings estimated over £300,000

It was critical no building controls or set points were altered and the solution works perfectly with all integrated and existing building management systems (BMS). 

"I would recommend the Sabien units and have been impressed by their performance. I would also commend the staff for their professionalism and technical knowledge."

Marie Porteous, Head of Sustainability & Environmental Management



AVIVA has a well established CSR Policy, and is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. As part of this, Norwich Union sets targets each year to reduce its carbon footprint. The reductions achieved by M2G in a wide range of organisations were impressive and we wanted to confirm these ourselves with a pilot scheme managed by Sabien at a number of our sites. Sabien were open and easy to work with, and together with the impressive savings achieved made a strong case to adopt M2G across the Norwich Union estate”

Gregory Luxford, Energy & Utilities Manager


Royal Bank of Scotland

“M2G is a key component in the group’s energy efficiency strategy and the installation of M2G units throughout our UK fleet of buildings played a major role in helping the bank deliver on its commitment to reducing its energy consumption and harmful carbon emissions. Sabien and M2G delivered”

Graham Jennings , Group Energy Manager


Communities and Local Government

“Now that we have validated data following the success of the first three installations we are recommending the M2G to the various agencies and non-governmental bodies that fall within the remit of CLG”

Carl von Reibnitz, Sustainable Operations Manager



“We were particularly impressed with the results because the pilot took place during the coldest weather we’ve had in 30 years, when dry cycling would have been at a minimum, It‘s clear that significantly higher savings will be achieved during more temperate conditions and our ongoing monitoring already supports that view. Many people think BEMS can control every aspect of a boiler’s operation but this is not the case. The M2G interfaced very smoothly with our BEMS and the two now complement each other to maximise energy savings”

Alan Taylor, Technical Manager, Government Integrated Services


Balfour Beatty

"We have formed a strategic partnership with Sabien Technology as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering cost effective carbon saving solutions for our customers. We recognise their product as a way of driving down carbon emissions from the operation of buildings."

Tim Ward, Director Business & Industry



“We have been very impressed with the performance of the M2G units. They have lived up to all expectations and because they are so easy to fit, there was no interruption in service to the two trial buildings. We are now rolling out M2G to other corporate offices in our portfolio and look forward to seeing significantly reduced gas bills.”

Paul Eggleton, Energy Manager


Institution of Mechanical Engineers

We initially asked Sabien to pilot the M2Gs and demonstrate the savings that would be achieved and, following the success of the trial, the units are now playing an important role in minimising our energy consumption. We were also very pleased with the support we received from Sabien, which ensured that the project ran smoothly,”

Brian Robinson, Head of Energy


University of Derby

“Trying to find ways of saving energy and carbon emissions is a large part of my job and for the cost involved in installing M2G with the resulting short payback, there really was no alternative. We are able to compare the efficiency savings between those with M2G and those without. This has confirmed that M2G has reduced the university’s carbon emissions”

Anne Downes, Energy Officer


Jones Lang LaSalle

 “The energy savings that the M2G can deliver have been fully validated so we now have complete confidence in recommending it to our customers.”


“The BMS at the site in Swindon is very sophisticated and it would have been technically possible to have a special program written to control the dry cycling, but it was more time-effective to use an off-the-shelf product, which has potential to integrate fully with existing BMS, particularly when contemplating new programming requirements”. “In contrast, the site in Basingstoke, the BMS was simpler and, in fact, even with already well-optimised boiler sequencing, achieving even further savings with this system is very impressive”.


“Sabien responded quickly once we got the go-ahead for the pilot from the client and proved to be very flexible in accommodating our requirements. We will now be working in partnership with Sabien and our maintenance contractor as we look to try and roll-out M2G across other candidate sites.”

Mark Bottriell, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Portfolio Energy Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa


Land Registry

“The introduction of this technology has demonstrated our commitment to reduce Carbon emissions. We are extremely pleased with the results and are looking to introduce the Sabien M2G technology in to as many of our buildings as possible over the next few years.”

Martin Illingworth, National Environment Manager


AEA Technology

AEA were commissioned to monitor and verify an in-situ pilot of Sabien technology’s M2G boiler load optimiser. The pilot was conducted across 3 sites occupied by BT over a period of 4 months.  AEA reviewed the installation of the M2Gs, monitored the pilot process, visited the sites for data collection and carried out independent analysis of the collated data and verified the savings.


Based on the results of the pilot AEA recommended a business case to be made for a large scale order of M2G as it was clear from the pilot substantial cost and carbon savings could be achieved.


International Students House

“We renewed the boiler plant and BMS in 2006 and extended the BMS in 2007 to optimise energy efficiency even further,” explained ISH Chief Operating Officer David Chapman. “I had previously thought that the BMS would also control dry cycling but this was not the case, as the extra savings achieved by the M2G units have proved.”


“The performance of the M2Gs was assessed during the very cold weather at the beginning of 2010, so we are impressed with the reduced gas consumption under these conditions and can reasonably expect greater savings in future years. The project was also implemented very efficiently by the Sabien team”.

David Chapman, Chief Operating Officer