What is IPMVP?

IPMVP – Overview

  • Presents a framework and defines terms used in determining ‘savings’ after implementation of a project
  • Specifies the topics to be addressed in an M&V Plan for a specific project
  • Allows flexibility in creating M&V Plans, while adhering to the principle of:


o   Accuracy

o   Completeness

o   Conservativeness

o   Consistency

o   Relevance

o   Transparency



  • Defines standard approaches to measuring savings to reassure facility owners
  • Legitimises ESCO projects through international recognition of the payment through savings
  • Provides guidance on the trade-off between measurement “accuracy” and measurement cost
  • Helps parties to create transparent, repeatable performance contract terms and emission trades regarding savings settlement
  • Provides general, not specific guidance, and a framework under which specific methodologies are created and used.


IPMVP – what it is not

  • IPMVP does NOT cover in details:
  • Design of energy efficiency measures
  • Design of meter and instrumentation systems
  • Cost estimating of M&V activities
  • Energy engineering
  • Statistical analysis
  • IPMVP is NOT a cookbook
  • It still needs careful application to each project


Purposes of M&V

  • Increase energy savings
  • Document financial transactions
  • Ultimately enhance financing for efficiency projects
  • Improve design, operations and maintenance
  • Account for variances from utility budget
  • Support evaluation of efficiency programmes
  • Educate facility users about their energy impacts
  • Improve building rating scores


Put simply, M&V provides proof of the effectiveness of energy management.