Sabien is the exclusive UK distributor of the award-winning EndoTherm energy-saving additive for commercial wet heating systems. Proven to reduce energy consumption between 10%-15% with a typical payback of under 2 years.

What is EndoTherm?

  • Proven commercial heating additive
  • Independently certified, endorsed and verified technolgy.
  • Non-corrosive,  100% organic
  • Non – hazardous waste – EU Directive 91/689/EEC
  • Improves rates of heat transfer by increasing the contact area on the wet side of boiler plant and system pipework
  • Energy reductions from “in field” trials between 10% - 25% with a typical payback of under 2 years
  • 3 years “half life” guaranteed with Sabien


How does EndoTherm work?

  • To the naked eye surface areas appear smooth, however when viewed under a microscope surfaces are full of micro-cracks and imperfections




  • Adding a 1% dosage of EndoTherm reduces the system fluid tension and increases the cross sectional area.
  • There is no requirement to flush your heating system before installing as EndoTherm as it works with your existing inhibitor and current system conditions.