EndoTherm reduces gas consumption by 13.7% at Willow Court, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation

Following the installation of EndoTherm a proven commercial heating additive and using the hospital’s consumption data and regional degree day data a reduction of 13.7% gas consumption was calculated.



The 10 bedroomed staff accomodation site has a system volume of 223 litres 2 litres of EndoTherm were installed on the 27 February 2014.

What is EndoTherm?

EndoTherm is a heating additive proven to reduce energy consumption and C02 in commercial buildings.

How does EndoTherm work?

When viewed under a microscope, smooth surfaces are not smooth. The insides of commercial boiler plant and pipework have micro-cracks and imperfections. Water has a high surface tension and is unable to penetrate these micro-cracks and imperfections.

When 1% dosage of EndoTherm is added to a commercial boiler heating system, it reduces the water tension effectively improving the elasticity of the water in the system. This improves the rate of heat transfer by increasing the contact and heat transfer on the wet side of the boiler and system pipework.

Independent Performance Studies

 Enertek International 2 year study, controlled environment demonstrating 15% gas saving.

 Tested and is compatible with leading industry inhibitor brands.



Case study reproduced with permission from EndoTherm 2016.

Sabien is the exclusive distributor of EndoTherm to the UK commercial heating sector.