Sabien delivers significant carbon savings to UK businesses with M2G technology

Industry comment

Published: 05 November

Author: Alan O'Brien

Type: Industry comment

Year: 2007

Sabien Technology Ltd focuses on managing carbon emissions by reducing energy consumption with its M2G product. Over 2,000 M2Gs are currently installed in blue chip companies across the UK and Ireland reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption by up to 35 percent with pay back in under two years

So what is M2G?

M2G is a micro processor based product which is retro-fitted to a boiler in 90 minutes with no disruption to supply enabling the buildings environment to remain unchanged.

M2G re-assesses the boiler characteristics each time it's switched on and takes into account the variation in the performance of the heating system over time. The reduced firing also greatly improves the lifetime of the boiler and the requirement for servicing will be extended. The change in boiler performance can be due to a number of factors such as coating and furring of pipework and radiators, changes in the use of the building, or from the thermal output of installed equipment. M2G only adjusts its performance based on the daily requirements of the building. M2G integrates seamlessly with BEMS. All published savings data to date has been achieved in buildings using BEMS. The M2G is Carbon Trust approved and qualifies for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. Verified and documented installations clearly illustrate the performance and savings that the M2G delivers. Not to be confused with a time delay unit M2G is an intelligent micro processor based system measuring temperature loss over time. Time delay units on the other hand will stop the burner from firing even when there is a real demand from the building for heat.

The timer adds additional control but not additional intelligence to the system and comfort levels in the building will be negatively affected. In April 2007 Graham Jennings, Group Energy Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland Group, said: "M2G is a key component in the group?s energy efficiency strategy, and the installation of M2G units throughout our UK fleet of buildings played a major role in helping the bank deliver on its commitment to reducing its energy consumption and carbon emissions. Sabien and M2G delivered." Installing the M2G is a significant step in reducing any organisations carbon emissions in a cost-effective way. What other technology is proven to deliver carbon and energy savings of up to 35 percent with pay back under two years?

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Business Service Journal, July 2007