Sabien Director gives lecture at British High Commission, Singapore

Investor news

Published: 12 January

Author: Dr. Martin Blake

Type: Investor news

Year: 2012

The British High Commission hosted a lecture by British national Dr. Martin Blake, Executive Director of The GreenAsia Group. He gave a lecture on the business case for energy conservation introducing the best practices of organisations.

 The organisations included the Royal Mail Group (UK), United World College of Southeast Asia and National Oil Company.

The lecture outlined that it makes sound business sense for companies to invest in energy-saving measures. Besides reducing their energy consumption, and therefore reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, companies can save a large amount of money on their energy bills. He assured that the payback period on such investments is normally commercially-viable.

The event was attended by the Singaporean business community, government officials and researchers.

Dr. Blake, a British national, was recently named as one of the top 100 Global Sustainability leaders by Sustain Ability Showcase Asia and ABC Carbon.

Dr. Blake joined the Sabien Technology Board in October 2010.

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