Sabien forms partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle

Investor news

Published: 28 September

Author: Alan O'Brien

Type: Investor news

Year: 2009

Sabien, the manufacturer and distributor of the patented M2G energy efficiency technology, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an alliance agreement for the supply of M2G with Jones Lang LaSalle.

Alan O'Brien, Sabien's CEO, said:

"The alliance with Jones Lang LaSalle provides an exciting opportunity for Sabien. With organisations preparing for, and responding to, forthcoming legislation such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), M2G is proving to be a pivotal technology in meeting the CRC’s requirements. Jones Lang LaSalle is an ideal partner with a significant global presence and strong strategic focus on energy and carbon reduction. The alliance will deliver new customers for Sabien in Europe and in the UK over the next few years."

The alliance is already delivering improvements in carbon and energy reduction at one of Jones Lang LaSalle's clients. The M2G units are installed at a number of sites managed by Jones Lang LaSalle with further installations planned within Europe with the same client.

Mark Bottriell, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Portfolio Energy Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, added:“Following two successful pilots of the technology at separate test sites in the UK, Jones Lang LaSalle is now satisfied that the technology delivers proven savings, combined with a healthy return on investment. Jones Lang LaSalle will now explore further opportunities to work in partnership with both Sabien and our clients. Together we will strive to continue delivering best value, driving similar energy efficiency projects in order to continue delivering cost reductions, with associated energy and carbon emissions savings, as an integrated part of core services across our client portfolios."

Jones Lang LaSalle is a financial and professional services firm specialising in real estate services and investment management. Our more than 30,000 people in 750 locations in 60 countries serve the local, regional and global real estate needs of those clients.

Mark Bottriell concluded: “Jones Lang LaSalle is unique in its ability to develop, manage and integrate energy management strategies into real estate operations, delivering significant and genuine carbon reductions and costs savings.”

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