Sabien invests in IPMVP certification

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Published: 30 July

Author: David Bakst

Type: Investor news

Year: 2013

Sabien Technology is believed to be the first UK retrofit boiler controls company to achieve certification for staff to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

David Bakst, Operations Director and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), pictured below commented: “The IPMVP defines a best practice framework for , quantifying the results and benefits of energy efficiency investments. Importantly, it ensures that there is total clarity and transparency for all parties in relation to the scope of work from initial planning, the measurement methodology, through to the validation of results.”

Before the introduction of the IPMVP there was no standardised approach to the implementation of energy saving initiatives, making it difficult for building operators to quantify the savings that had been achieved – especially when several initiatives were carried out in parallel. A major benefit of the IPMVP for end-users is that it provides transparency, certainty and reliability within pre-agreed parameters that take account of all relevant factors. Furthermore, IPMVP is becoming recognised as the standard across the USA and Europe and a prerequisite in Energy Performance Contracting – where the accuracy of verification is paramount.

“There are also significant benefits for Sabien,” David Bakst continued. “. Measurement and Verification is as important now as it has ever been – organisations are making significant investments in energy efficiency and need to ensure there investment is being realised. We already had a rigorous methodology in place and IPMVP certification gives our customers the added reassurance that we are using best practice in our approach to projects.”

“It is excellent to see ESTA members commit to making the transparency of savings from demand side energy reductions a reality through the IPMVP standard” noted Richard Hipkiss, Chairman of the Energy Services and Technology Association. “A standardised approach to the measurement of savings is encouraged by ESTA to build the confidence in end users to invest in technology that it literally pays to install.”

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The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is the de facto standard for evaluating energy-saving initiatives. It is published by the Efficiency Valuation Organisation and is designed to promote transparency, completeness, objectivity, and conservativeness.

All candidates for CMVP certification are required to pass a four-hour written examination as well as meeting strict criteria for professional qualifications and relevant experience.

The Energy Services and Technology Association is a Trade Association representing providers of services and technology delivering demand side energy reductions. ESTA is the authorised training associate in the United Kingdom for the Efficiency Valuation Organisations. (