Sabien Technology announces its appointment by Endo Enterprises as the exclusive UK distributor for EndoTherm

Industry comment

Published: 22 September

Type: Industry comment

Year: 2016

Sabien Technology announces its appointment by Endo Enterprises (UK) as the exclusive distributor for EndoTherm, a proven heating additive for commercial multi-site heating systems in the UK.

Sabien Technology, the UK’s market leader in boiler load optimisation controls, has announced an agreement with Endo Enterprises (UK) to supply its CIBSE award-winning EndoTherm heating additive for commercial boiler heating systems. Sabien is now the exclusive UK distributor of Endotherm for multi-site commercial applications.

The EndoTherm additive changes the surface tension of the water in the heating system improving the water’s thermal contact with the internal surface of heat emitters such as radiators, air handling units and heat exchangers.

Independent ‘in field’ verification on over 50 projects, involving a range of building types, demonstrated paybacks typically within two years.

The agreement will see Sabien actively promote EndoTherm to its existing UK client base. Sabien will also utilise its Facility Management partnerships and Energy Supplier relationships to sell and distribute EndoTherm helping clients reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and increase efficiency in commercial heating systems.

Sabien CEO, Alan O’Brien, commented: “We’re committed to providing proven ‘in field’ solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions for the multisite commercial heating sector. For over 12 years we have built a market leadership position for our M2G commercial boiler load optimisation control. Our market specific experience and reputation, along with nationwide installation and project management capabilities, provide clients with the peace of mind and performance reliability that are crucial to delivering a business outcome for them”.

He added: “Since 2013, the management team at Endo Enterprises has built an impressive body of ‘in-field’ verification work and was recently the recipient of CIBSE’s 2016 Energy Efficiency Award. EndoTherm is proven to reduce energy consumption by between 10% and 25%”.

Ben Sallon, Managing Director of Endo Enterprises, commented that he was pleased the agreement brings together two companies which are both leaders in their fields and allows Endo Enterprises to broaden their reach to the multi-site commercial heating sector as Sabien brings scale, infrastructure, reputation and market specific experience in the UK heating/boiler sector/market.