Sabien Technology can help you 'go green' without going into the red

Industry comment

Published: 14 February

Author: Alan O'Brien

Type: Industry comment

Year: 2008

Sabien Technology a UK company specialising in managing carbon emissions through energy reduction, has introduced a new way for companies to obtain their energy efficiency solutions. Companies can now benefit from Sabien's M2G and M3G technology through low cost rental packages. Not only can businesses reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs by up to 35%, but the need to apply for additional budget no longer becomes an issue.

Alan O'Brien, Sabien's Managing Director, says: "With the pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint in a period when energy prices have quadrupled over the last 6 years, budgets are under greater pressure than ever and allocating or sourcing any addition can be extremely challenging. Sabien can help solve this problem for organisations by offering low cost solutions to enable them to implement its energy efficiency technology".

A number of customers are already using Sabien's technology include; the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Ford Motor Company, Bank of England, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Investec Bank and an NHS Trust.