Sabien's M2G technology helps Deutsche Bank and O2 reduce their annual energy spend

Case studies

Published: 21 December

Author: Alan O'Brien

Type: Case studies

Year: 2007

Sabien has recently won new orders from Deutsche Bank and O2 to install its M2G energy saving technology at a number of office locations for both companies for a total value of approximately £70,000.

The order with O2 is the result of a pilot at two locations which demonstrated average energy savings of 27% and 16%, a total of 174 tonnes of CO2 saved during that pilot period, and a positive return on investment at each site of under 14 months and 7 months respectively.

Paul Eggleton, Energy Manager at O2, said: "We have been very impressed with the performance of the M2G units. They have lived up to all expectations and because they are so easy to fit there was no interruption in service to the two trial buildings."

"We are now rolling out M2G to other corporate offices in our portfolio and look forward to seeing significantly reduced gas bills. The payback period is very good and we would recommend these to anyone with gas consuming sites."