Serco and British Gas to provide boiler optimisation

Case studies

Published: 11 September

Author: Alan O'Brien

Type: Case studies

Year: 2009

Semplice Energy, part of British Gas the UK’s leading energy supplier, and Serco, a FTSE 100 international service company are to provide Sabien’s M2G boiler optimisation controls to their customers.

Alan O’Brien, Sabien’s CEO said:

“To partner with organisations like British Gas and Serco only further demonstrates just how effective M2G is at reducing gas consumption. M2G has now established itself as the UK’s leading boiler optimisation control and is a vital component in the energy and carbon management strategies of many leading UK organisations.”

Natalie Barker, Founder, Semplice Energy said: “The proven M2G supports our drive, alongside British Gas New Energy, to reduce carbon emissions in a commercially viable way. We expect this partnership to increase energy savings and shorten paybacks as the product is integrated into the broad range of technologies available within the Eco|Solutions package, creating a great benefit for our corporate customers.”

Graeme Cameron, Serco’s Director of Energy and Sustainability Services said:

“We have two major objectives. One is to minimise our own energy consumption and environmental impact as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility obligations. The second is to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers, secure in the knowledge that these have been thoroughly tested and validated. To that end, we are keen to work closely with Sabien in the future”.