Central Government

Sabien takes PriDE in MoD installation

As part of a major energy-saving programme, Sabien’s M2G boiler load optimisation controls have been installed at 28 Ministry of Defence sites across south-east England

HMS Sultan

Reduces energy costs using M2G boiler controls

Driving Standards Agency

Driving Standards Agency install M2G

RAF Odiham & SSE Contracting

RAF Odiham has reduced its gas consumption and CO2 emissions by 15% by installing Sabien’s patented M2G


Defra reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 11%

Land Registry

During the pilot, energy consumption and CO2 emissions were reduced by 15%.

Dept. of Communities & Local Govt.

Sabien Technology’s M2G intelligent boiler load optimisers are delivering significant energy savings at sites operated by Communities and Local Government (CLG)