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RAF Odiham has reduced its gas consumption and CO2 emissions by 15% by installing Sabien’s patented M2G

Royal Air Force Odiham is based in North Hampshire with a working population of 2,000. Three support helicopter squadrons and one Army Air Corp squadron are based there. Following the installation of M2G on behalf of Scottish and Southern Energy Contracting, gas consumption was reduced by 15% and payback achieved in just 14 weeks.

“The savings delivered were during one of the coldest periods, with boiler dry cycling at a minimum. Yet savings of 15% were still achieved. Quick payback, integration with existing controls and the ease to implement across an estate have demonstrated M2G as a key technology to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.”

Richard Plester, Area Development Manger, Scottish & Southern Energy Contracting

The results were analysed from the onsite AMR consumption data provided by RAF Odiham. The data was degree day corrected to normalise the impacts of the weather. As the graph below illustrates, gas consumption reduced following the installation of M2G compared to previous year despite the weather being considerably colder.

How does M2G reduce energy consumption?

The M2G is an intelligent boiler load optimisation controller that improves the efficiency of each individual boiler by removing the inherent problem of  “ boiler dry cycling” within commercial boilers. Boiler dry cycling is exacerbated further from the practice of over-sizing boilers at the point of commissioning. Research shows over 80% of commercial boilers are over-sized.

M2G is retro-fitted to each boiler and monitors the temperature of the water in the flow and return every 10 seconds, enabling the M2G to analyse the temperature losses from the boiler. The M2G calculates whether the temperature loss is caused by a genuine heating demand or from standing losses i.e. temperature losses through boiler casing and flue. When the boiler tries to fire as a consequence of the standing losses the M2G will prevent the boiler from firing unnecessarily.

M2G complements and integrates with existing building controls resulting in substantial reductions of energy consumption with quick payback periods. The combination of volatile energy prices and increasing legislation is placing pressure on organisations to improve their energy efficiency. As a result, M2G has been incorporated within the estates of some the UK’s leading organisations.

What is M2G?

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