International Students House

International Students House (ISH) has recorded savings in gas consumption of 14% following installation of Sabien Technology’s M2G intelligent boiler load optimisers – giving a payback period of around 1.3 years. The M2G units are integrated with the existing building management systems (BMS) and reduce energy consumption by controlling dry cycling of the boilers.

ISH provides permanent and long stay accommodation for British and International students at two properties in central London. In recent years the organisation has implemented a wide range of sustainability measures.

“We renewed the boiler plant and BMS in 2006 and extended the BMS in 2007 to optimise energy efficiency even further,” explained ISH Chief Operating Officer David Chapman. “I had previously thought that the BMS would also control dry cycling but this was not the case, as the extra savings achieved by the M2G units have proved,” he added.

A total of eight M2G units were retrofitted to boilers in three plant rooms, in two buildings. ISH then carried out extensive monitoring of the system, correcting the results with degree day data to allow for changes in ambient temperature.

“The performance of the M2Gs was assessed during the very cold weather at the beginning of 2010, so we are impressed with the reduced gas consumption under these conditions and can reasonably expect greater savings in future years. The project was also implemented very efficiently by the Sabien team,” David Chapman continued.

The savings achieved by the M2G units at ISH will reduce carbon emissions by 72 tonnes per annum, with annual financial savings of over £11,000.

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