M2G delivers savings across Renfrewshire Council estate

Following the installation of Sabien’s M2G boiler optimisation controls to 77 boilers across the Renfrewshire Council estate, Sabien was asked to provide measurement and verification to demonstrate the levels of cost savings being achieved. Using the Council’s consumption data and regional degree day data, an average reduction of gas consumption of around 14% with a 1.7 year payback was calculated.


Boiler dry cycling was a potential problem

The project to enhance boiler optimisation by retrofitting M2Gs forms part of the Council’s current Carbon Management Plan, which has been developed in partnership with Resource Efficient Scotland. As such, it builds on an earlier Carbon Management Plan, which achieved a carbon reduction of 28.35%.

Craig Doogan, Energy Team Leader for Renfrewshire Council, explained: “We are continually evaluating opportunities to further reduce energy consumption and recognised that boiler dry cycling was a potential problem. The M2Gs were installed across our estate quickly with minimal impact on our operations. The post-project verification using CUSUM analysis provided by Sabien clearly indicates the savings being achieved are in line with our expectations.”


Preventing boiler dry cycling

M2G improves the energy efficiency of commercial boiler plant by optimising each individual boiler, delivering real time analysis and control to reduce energy costs. M2G achieves the energy savings by preventing dry cycling, an area of boiler inefficiency long known within the industry but largely ignored. M2G works alongside the existing controls and BMS strategies such as sequencing, weather compensation and demand based control to deliver further savings. M2G is widely recognised as a key initiative to reduce energy costs for many Private and Public sector organisations.



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