English Institute of Sport Sheffield

Installation of two Sabien M2G boiler load optimisers at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield (EISS) has delivered an energy saving of 12% with a seven month payback period by preventing boiler dry cycling.

The M2G units were fitted to two 1MW boilers and alongside the existing building management system and controls. Using the venue’s own consumption data, a 12% energy saving was identified, resulting in a reduction in CO2emissions of 48 tonnes per annum. The annual cost savings on gas will be over £6,500 with additional savings of nearly £3,000 on carbon tax. The project paid for itself in seven months.

Operated by SIV, which is part of the Sheffield City Trust (SCT) charity group, EIS Sheffield is the country’s largest multi-sports training centre, providing world class facilities for numerous local and national sporting clubs encompassing more than 60 sports activities at all levels. SIV has close links with the local community and a strong commitment to minimising its environmental impact.

Sean Midgley, who is responsible for SCT’s energy and environmental policies, commented: “We have already made a significant investment in energy efficiency and are continually looking for ways to reduce consumption and carbon emissions even further. Having investigated the M2G technology, it was clear that preventing boiler dry cycling would deliver significant additional savings with a good return on investment. This has proved to be the case and we have been very pleased with both the Sabien products and the project management expertise that goes with them.”