M2G reduces O2's energy consumption & CO2 by up to 27%

At O2 they know that climate change is one of the most serious challenges facing society and that every company has an important role to play in tackling it.

O2’s goal is to make energy conservation a way of life and to minimise the company’s impact on the environment.

They have three main areas of focus:

  1. To reduce and conserve the energy they use.
  2. To source more energy from renewable sources.
  3. Offset CO2 emissions through capital investment in renewable energy or through other offsetting initiatives. This applies to the areas where they cannot reduce consumption or source enough renewable energy.

Sabien Technology helps companies reduce their carbon emissions, energy consumption and therefore save money. Based upon its established technology, M2G, Sabien's approach is proven to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption by up to 35%.

As part of their carbon reduction strategy and working with Sabien Technology, O2 conducted an extensive pilot that delivered average savings in energy consumption of up to 27%. O2 is now working to roll out the M2G technology throughout its UK buildings.

Paul Eggleton, Energy Manager at O2, said: “We have been very impressed with the performance of the M2G units. They have lived up to all expectations and because they are so easy to fit, there was no interruption in service to the two trial buildings.”

“We are now rolling out M2G to other corporate offices in our portfolio and look forward to seeing significantly reduced gas bills.”

Sabien and M2G delivered

The pilot took place in two locations with 9 M2Gs fitted on 9 boilers used to heat the space and water of the offices. The results of the pilot demonstrated average energy savings of 27% and 16%. A positive pay back at each site of less than 14 and 7 months respectively, with total annual CO2 savings of 196 tonnes.

What is M2G?

The M2G is an intelligent boiler load optimisation controller that improves the efficiency of each individual boiler. A unit which can be retro-fitted to each boiler monitors the temperature of the water in the flow and return every 10 seconds and the information is recorded with heattransfer rates at the first and second stage firings.

When a loading demand is made the system, automatically checks the latest data it has stored and decides whether it is more economical to retain first stage firing or to introduce a second stage firing. The result is a substantial fuel reduction during less demanding situations while ensuring maximum capacity during heavy load periods.

Integrates with Building Management Systems

The M2G integrated seamlessly with O2’s Trend Building Management System. The majority of M2G installations are in buildings which have sophisticated Building Management Systems already in place.