Q. I have seen a device that reduces the amount of time a boiler needs to fire. Doesn’t that save energy?

A. It isn’t necessarily true that reduced firing time equals reduced energy consumption. This is because most modern boilers use a modulating burner or multi-stage firing. Therefore the ’time’ element of a boiler control does not equate to the energy used i.e. fuel used.

For example: a modulating boiler firing for 5 minutes at low fire, will use much less fuel than if it was operating for 5 minutes at high fire.

It is therefore very misleading to state that the energy saved is based on a ‘time reduction’ of boilers operating.

Also consider that if the control is holding the boiler off for a fixed period of time any genuine demand from the building may go unnoticed, resulting in potential impacts to the systems or/and building’s temperatures.