Q. I have seen these types of products before…they don’t work!

A. Boiler dry cycling is a known issue and has been recognised for many years. Unfortunately in the past a number of products were developed to address it, however the control strategies used caused issues and did not deliver actual kWh savings. Please note that many of these products have re-emerged when the demand for energy efficiency increased.

The old way of doing it is to either delay boiler firing based on historic firing patterns, allowing the boiler to cool down and not use real time data. Or artificially lower each boiler’s set point temperatures.

There are two drawbacks to this approach. Firstly, supressing the boiler’s set point could lead to comfort levels being affected within the building. Secondly, it can potentially cause conflicts with the existing controls (e.g. BMS), resulting in BMS alarms being triggered and conflicts with variable temperature controls e.g. weather compensation and sequencing.

M2G is a patented technology that works by constantly measuring and analysing the temperature profile of each boiler in real time and adapting to variable set points. The M2G is applying dynamic management to each boiler.

The boiler has to reach its designed set point before the M2G can even begin to monitor and control the boiler. As a consequence the system temperature (common header temperatures) are never altered. See How M2G Works for more detailed information.