I'm a Carbon Manager

Q. What impacts does your technology have room temperatures? The last thing I need is complaints...

A. M2G and M3G has no impacts on the room temperature and hot water temperature. The thermostat/set point of the boiler and air conditioning system is always maintained. The M2G and M3G can not enter "save" mode until the boiler/air conditioning system has reached the required temperature.

Q. How much carbon can I expect to save using your technology?

A. We have independent case studies which demonstrate energy savings ranging from 15% to 35%, therefore the carbon emissions are also reduced by the same amount. The Carbon Trust claim that air conditioning can account for up to 30% of total energy use in a typical commercial buildling. Reducing this by up to 35% can contribute significant carbon and financial savings.

Q. Why should I invest in your technology?

A. M2G and M3G are proven to save energy and carbon. Blue Chip organisations such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, O2, DEFRA and the NHS are already using our technology. Typical pay backs are under 2 years, making the M2G and M3G commercially viable. End to end Project Management and installation is included in the price, and once fitted there are no operating or maintenance costs.