I'm a Finance Director

Q. How much can we expect to save on our utility bills using your technology?

A. Our clients achieve savings of between 15% and 35% of their energy consumption and carbon emissions. In some cases savings have been inexcess of 50%. Case studies are available to validate these savings.

Q. And how long will it take to payback?

A. Expected financial returns are high because peak energy prices increase the value of future energy savings. However payback in less than 2 years is essential because of the high occupancy turnover rates and uncertainty about being able to capture future savings. Typically our clients have gained pay back in under 2 years when implementing the M2G and M3G across their building porfolios.

Q. Any hidden charges? Is installation included in the price?

A. There are no hidden charges. Installation and end to end project management is included in the price.

Q. Gaining budgets for capital expenditure can be a challenge. Do you provide alternative payment methods?

A. Yes we offer clients the option to rent the M2G and M3G products. The rental agreements from 3 to 5 years. Typically the monthly energy savings are higher than the monthly repayments, making the rental option a very attractive alternative to raising capital expenditure.

Q Which companies have installed your M2G and M3G products in the UK?

A. Royal Bank of Scotland, NHS Trusts, DEFRA, O2, KPMG are among some of the companies already benefiting from implementing the M2G and M3G across the building portfolios.