I'm an Engineer

Q. Call me a sceptic but I have seen these types of products over the years…what’s so good about your M2G and M3G technologies?

A. Proven “track record”, we have many independently tested and verified case studies. Further the system has been approved by the Carbon Trust and qualifies for the ECA scheme. Blue chip organisations such as Royal Bank of Scotland, O2 and DEFRA would not of invested if the M2G and M3G technology did not deliver.

Q. I’m worried if I fit your technology ambient room and hot water temperatures will not be maintained?

A. The M2G always maintains the boiler thermostat/set point, the M2G cannot invoke the "save" mode until the boiler has reached the required temperature and heating and hot water levels are not put at risk. Independent case studies have demonstrated that the M2G has no impact on the room or hot water temperatures. It is the same case for M3G. The thermostat set point is always maintained. Again case studies demonstrate that the M3G has no impact on the ambient room temperatures

Q. We have a Building Management System (BMS) that already does exactly what your M2G and M3G technologies claim to do.

A. M2G and M3G have specifically been designed to control the boiler/burner and air conditioning units with patented control algorithms. BMS typically do not have these control strategies. BMS will typically enable /disable the boiler based on a heating/return required temperature or at best from a weather compensation heating curve.