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Q. How can your technology help my organisation to deliver its energy and carbon reduction strategy?

A. Independent case studies demonstrate that our technology can significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. O2, the mobile phone company reduced their gas consumption by up to 27% once the M2G was installed. E.ON, the world’s largest energy supplier also achieved energy savings ranging from 20% to 26%. A reduction in energy consumption of this scale is a significant proportion of any organisations energy and carbon targets.

Q. Why should we implement your technology rather than renewable energy such as solar or wind?

A. Renewable energy sources play a key part in any energy/carbon strategy. However, working with some of the largest organisations in the UK we have noticed that their first priority is to establish a "baseline" of energy consumption by investing in measuring and monitoring equipment. Once this is in place they are then sourcing and investing in energy efficiency technology for lighting, air conditioning and heating. It is only the technology that delivers significant energy savings and viable pay back that make it through. Once, they have implemented energy efficiency technology they then turn their attentions to renewable energy, to replace the mix of fossil fuel energy they are consuming, and they view renewable energy as a longer term investment.

Energy efficiency is the most effective means of reducing your organisations carbon emissions. Typically energy efficiency initiatives will deliver up to 50% of a company's energy reduction targets. Please download our 5 year carbon strategy paper, for more information on creating and implementing a carbon strategy for your organisation.

Q. Once your technology is installed do I need to budget for additional operating or maintenance costs?

A. No, M2G and M3G require no maintenance or operating costs and both products come with a 5 year warranty.