Our approach is Forensics

We take a 'closed loop' approach at component level and by monitoring the plant 'enable' signals and validating the outputs and operations in real-time, we can confirm if plant and controls are operating as intended and designed.

Our unique methodology

Using a digital and analogue I/O unit (T-Mac) with GSM and Sabien DiaDem software platform, the boiler plant is temporarily connected to multiple sensors taking direct signals from all of the relevant plant and individual components - examples include but not limited to:

  • Direct boiler/s delta temperature - heat profiles data
  • Direct burner/s firing status - energy data
  • Building heating and hot water - loads
  • BMS strategy outputs and validation of control points
  • Fuel sub metering - AMR calibration - fuel usage reconciliation

We identify specific areas of inefficiencies within the existing heating and hot water systems using 'closed loop' analytics methods and cross reference directly with the half hourly automatic gas meter (HHAMR) and confirm if the AMR is calibrated and confirming the kWh gas usage.


  • A reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions of between 7 and 10%.
  • Confirm plant and controls are operating as intended and designed.
  • Identifying and correcting the causes and symptoms of inefficient heating systems.

Monitoring and data capture is for a minimum four week period.